Najla’s hand-crafted gourmet cookies started it all. Each cookie is individually shaped by one of our passionate bakers to ensure the highest quality.

“Cookies are made of butter and love” – Norwegian Proverb

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Our M&M cookie is a trip back to childhood. With M&M’s studded throughout all-natural buttery dough these cookies offer nostalgia and indulgence.

Oat Currant Ginger


Zesty ginger and black currants meet in a chewy oatmeal cookie for a unique and delicious all-natural flavor.

Peanut Butter


All-natural peanut butter and peanuts with no added, fat, sugar or preservatives. This crisp cookie balances sweet and salty and showcases that simple is best.

Goodies Collection


Classic Chocolate Chunk big cookies, decadent Belgian dark chocolate brownies, and packs of our shortbread is the perfect indulgence!