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When making our desserts, we know they’re not going to be around for long. Our cookies, brownies, body good bars, pies, and shortbreads are meant to be eaten fresh, not left on a shelf. We’re baking homemade treats like you’d make at home—simply prepared, uncomplicated, all natural, and delicious.

We do all the work, you get all the praise!

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All Natural Ingredients

All Najla’s products are free of high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated and trans fats, preservatives and artificial flavors.

Simply Prepared

Delicious, uncomplicated recipes using the highest quality ingredients and made just the way you like them.

Made Fresh

All of our desserts are baked fresh and shipped promptly to ensure you can enjoy them as they were meant to be enjoyed.


Hand Crafted Cookies

Hand Crafted Cookies
20 Products

Najla's hand-crafted gourmet cookies started it all. Each cookie is individually shaped by one of our passionate bakers to ensure the highest quality. "Cookies are made of butter and love" - Norwegian Proverb
Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes
10 Products

When only the best will do, gift our hand-crafted collections of our most popular treats in festive gift boxes for the foodie in your life.