Najla’s hand-crafted gourmet cookies started it all. Each cookie is individually shaped by one of our passionate bakers to ensure the highest quality.

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Gone Nuts! Spiced Nuts Gift Bag


We couldn’t decide which nut to spice so we went nuts (hence the name – Gone Nuts!) and made this addicting concoction with all four – macadamia, walnut, pecan and almonds. Tossed in a sweet blend of spices that gives a gentle kick to your tongue. We make them without eggwhites, butter or oil so all your getting is the clean flavor of the nut. No gluten, no dairy. Vegan. Perfect for snacking or sprinkled on salads.

A perfect hostess gift!

Peanut Butter


All-natural peanut butter and peanuts with no added, fat, sugar or preservatives. This crisp cookie balances sweet and salty and showcases that simple is best.



Our M&M cookie is a trip back to childhood. With M&M’s studded throughout all-natural buttery dough these cookies offer nostalgia and indulgence.