Nut-Free Healthy Box


When you want to be sweet but send something with a little less sugar, and no nuts!



Satisfy and nourish the whole body, not just the sweet tooth! Our healthy box contains a medley of a dozen of our bodygood™ bars—crunchy classic almond, gluten-free nut-free, citrusberry, and chocolate cherryberry. We also included 2 of our gluten-free vegan trail cookies, 2 gluten-free brownies, and 2 vegan bodygood™ chocolate chip protein cookies, and a snack pack of Gone Nuts!™ The nut-free version contains 6 gluten-free nut-free bodygood™ bars, 6 citrusberry bodygood™ bars, and 4 trail cookies, 2 gf brownies and 2 bodygood cookies It’s all so tasty, it’s easy to forget it’s healthy!

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 5 × 4 in